just together is available via direct distribution, but professional dealers of course can order too.

Ideally, you should test our adapter system with your own equipment.

We offer this possibility as a free test service in Germany. Potential customers from other countries take a share in the shipping costs and deposit a security via Paypal. If you decide to return the adapters the complete deposited amount will be returned to you immediately.

For orders, Tests or questions please contact our contact persons:

Ordering, tests and questions:

Matthias Krause (german, english, spanish)

+49 (0)421 - 54 09 08

Hervé Maillet (french, german)

+49 (0)421 - 77 557

Prices:   (12-2014)

Camera Adapters
Canon EOS 1D , 1Ds (M2,3) , 1DX / Sinar (Horseman) : 495,00 Euro
Canon EOS 5D (M2,3) / Sinar : 495,00 Euro
Canon EOS 60D etc. (APS) / Sinar : 490,00 Euro
Nikon D3, D4, D80, D300, D700, D800,D 750, D7000 / Sinar: 490,00 Euro
Nikon D800 - Modification of former adapter with distance ring: 145,00 Euro
Sony Alpha 7 / Sinar: 540,00 Euro
Leica-M / Sinar: 560,00 Euro

Lens Adapters

Lens Adapter Hasselblad V / Sinar : 545,00 Euro
Lens Adapter Mamiya RB-RZ 67 / Sinar : 545,00 Euro
Adapter Enlarging- or Digital Lenses (M39 or Copal 0) / Sinar : 490,00 Euro
Pentax 645 / Sinar : 595,00 Euro

Due to the current euro-dollar exchange situation we grant a 5% discount to customers from the United States. (other discounts excepted)

(All prices plus shipping costs. Advance payment or cash on delivery. Germany: Plus 19% german VAT (value added tax). EU-Countries: Plus import purchases tax of the respective country – please send your VAT identification number, if available. Non-EU-Countries: No VAT. Potential customs duties and import purchases tax are charged directly by the customs office. - Customers may return the product purchased from us within 30 days of delivery of the order. Subject to alterations.)

Shipping subjects to our general terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions as PDF (german) - english details above

Adapters for Linhof, Arca Swiss, Plaubel, Cambo, Toyo or other professional View Cameras cost an additional 40,00 Euro fee for the original plate. Please ask for more infos regarding additional Camera-manufactors or types not listed here. If there aren't any just together adapters available for your camera/lens system yet, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll see what we can do to help.

Made from high precision-components of aluminum with resistant, anthracite fine-structured finish, special surface inside. Mount: nickel-plated brass. CNC production. Made in Germany.


Also available:
Digital lenses from Schneider Kreuznach an Rodenstock.

Consultation, prices and order - terms and conditions